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Birds of Tomorrow

Product Design, Speculative Design



It is the year 2075, Earth has witnessed ‘The Sixth Extinction’. It is believed the Nuclear War or as we popularly call it the World War III could have played the last scene in this epoch. The ability of humans to adapt is being challenged by long exposures to climate change. Increasingly, this is leading to widespread epidemics and plague, making it difficult for humans to walk freely outdoors. Thus raising questions about their survival. Having reached the tipping point of extinctions, they have understood how to bring back species from the dead. Could robotics be the answer?

Thus, I propose BOT – the birds of tomorrow as a speculative design piece for the post-apocalyptic world.

BOT is a personal bird robot that is taxidermic in nature and has been brought back to life using A.I. to help humans in environmental monitoring and communication. It is believed to be a successor for the personal drones present today.

Concept Statement

I am creating a speculative design piece which is a provocative commentary to evoke feelings of anxiety about the loss of habitat & species and thoughts about how human activities have impacted them in the context of the future of our existence and threats involved.