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Google Internship

Role : UI / UX Design

I interned with Google at their Mountain View headquarters in the Summer of 2016 as a UX Design Intern. During my time there I worked on three projects as part of the Ads & Commerce team. 

One of the projects involved working on the user experience and interafce for food ordering services on Google Assistant in Allo. The project is currently under development.  

As part of my role, I also assisted the user researchers in conducting user tests with employees at Google using low-fidelity paper prototypes and higher-fidelity prototypes using 'Pixate'. 

Due to a non-disclosure agreement with Google, I cannot display details of the project.. However, the following was my design process and role for the same :

  • Using user flow created by product managers and development teams and re-writing them as user centered stories
  • Gathering data and existing research from teams working across Google Assistant to understand technical abilities of the product 
  • Evaluating competitor apps concerned with food ordering and other on demand services
  • Evaluating paint and success points of Google Assistant across devices (Allo App, Google Home) with user experience researchers 
  • Designing wireframes and user flows with a mentor designer to inform design approach
  • Transferring wireframes into mid-fidelity prototypes and converting them into paper prototypes
  • Presenting paper prototypes internally to the team and voting on conversational flows
  • Validating designs and interactions with engineers to understand technical requirements
  • Creating high-fidelity prototypes using 'Pixate' and JSON scripts with UX engineers
  • Meeting with stakeholders to present work and gather feedback
  • Assisting in conducting user tests and evaluating feedback by watching testing videos
  • Iterating designs and flows based on the outcome of user testing

If you are interested to know more about my work at Google, please reach out to me on