Home Made


It’s hard to ignore the food on my table and that not everyone is blessed to have a meal when they wish to. Many people each day in the Unites States, are left hungry. And possibly, each day in a household there is food that is thrown away which could feed an empty stomach.

Home Made is about connecting communities through a simple mobile application that allows you to donate the excess food on your table to help somebody some place close has been taken care of. The app eliminates the need for a food drive which in turn creates the need for volunteers. With the help of the app, all you need to do is feed in the quantity of left over food in your house with your location. A food truck funded by the government or organisations can drive around a particular neighbourhood to collect that food. The truck can then station itself in a area which is accessible to the homeless and distribute the food collected.

 Remember, the homeless are in constant need of food and shelter. Home Made is that drive that ensures elimination of food wastage coupled with uplifting society with the touch of a button.